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2015September 9


Dogs are welcome at AshKay Island. The island is separated by water from the shore and is a great place to spend time with your pet. Please keep in mind that there is a non-refundable dog cleaning fee. This is for the extra cleaning required to ensure that the next gues has a clean cabin, free from pet dander. 

If your dog has a habit of chewing furniture we suggest that you keep it at home. Clients are responsible for any damage done by dogs, up to and above the damage deposit. Please pick up after your pet in the common area, on the trail around the island, and on the beach. In the natural area you do not have to clean up after your dogs. Please do not take your pet on the pontoon boat except to transport to and from the island. AshKay Island is not responsible for vet bills or liability coverage on your pet. If you feel that your pet would be a problem on vacation please leave it at home.

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You no longer have to leave Washtenaw County to enjoy a luscious, ecologically green, private island getaway. Call (734) 732-2138 today to book your dog friendly vacation!



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