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The Bobo Family

Welcome To All Guests

We’re delighted that you’ve chosen AshKay Island for your getaway. On behalf of our family, we extend a warm welcome. We’re sure your stay with us will be comfortable and enjoyable. AshKay Island offers you and your family many wonderful adventures that will create a lifetime of memories.

This is the time to relax and unwind! We hope you’ll put away the cell phones, laptop, and iPad. Cuddle up by the fire with a good book, wet a line in the lake, take a nap in the hammock, or spend quality time with your family playing a game of cornhole. You’ll reconnect with your friends and family and for a few days you’ll forget about the stress of daily life.

The island itself has many activities and the local area has many great attractions including restaurants, antique shops, wineries and parks. You’re a very short distance from Michigan International Speedway and at the very edge of the Irish Hills. We’ve listed a few of our favorite local attractions and restaurants in case you get the urge to venture out.

AshKay Island is truly a beautiful place to recharge your batteries and we know you’ll have an enjoyable, relaxing stay.

The Bobo Family,
Andy, Nikki, Ashley, and Kayley

Our Cabin

An up-north getaway without the long drive.


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Awesome area activities

AshKay Island is a place to relax. Adults and Children can stay as busy as they want. Children with permission can explore without venturing too far away from home base. Let’s face it, you can’t get off the island without swimming or a boat. This is a great place to bring the family dog, as they have nowhere to go. Whether you are an early riser or a late sleeper it does not matter. Family members that want to get up early and wet a line can do it, while late risers can sleep in.

Gone Fishing

Iron Mill Pond has always been known for excellent fishing. Largemouth bass, bluegills, perch, crappie, and northern pike inhabit the lake.

Take a Hike

There is a trail around the perimeter of the island. It takes around 10 minutes for a leisurely stroll.

Beach Life and Swimming

AshKay Island has a sandy beach located on the northeastern end of the island. A swim platform is located in the bay directly north of the island. Please make sure that children are supervised at all times on the beach (life jackets recommended).

Bird Watching

There are many species of birds on and around AshKay Island. There are several colonies of swans, Canadian geese, wood ducks, mallards, kingfishers, woodpeckers, cardinals, and many other varieties. Eagles and ospreys make appearances on occasion.

Play a Game of Cornhole

Cornhole is a game that uses bags filled with corn and boards with holes, hence the name cornhole. The objects of the game are to get the bag in the hole and knock your opponent's bag off the board.

Calling All Dogs

Dogs are welcome at AshKay Island. The island is separated by water from the shore and is a great place to spend time with your pet. Also, it won't run away as it has nowhere to go.

Take up Photography

AshKay Island offers numerous opportunities for amateur and professional photographers. Wildlife, scenery, and people offer plenty of subjects to photograph. The sunsets are phenomenal, and are different every night depending on cloud cover.

Off Island Outings

Take advantage of the surrounding communities if you would like to explore small-town life. The cabin is located equidistant from several small communities that offer activities of interest. These include the towns of Tipton, Clinton, Manchester Tecumseh, and Brooklyn.

Build a Campfire

Have you ever tried cooking over an open campfire? There is no better place to give it a try. We have a Dutch oven and cast iron skillet. Pick out your favorite recipe and give it a try. Kids love sitting by the campfire and learning how to perfectly brown marshmallows. Instead of the standard chocolate between the graham crackers, try a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup.

Learn Survival Skills

If relaxing and taking it easy is not for you, why not try improving your survival skills? This may mean learning how to tie a new knot or camping out under the stars in a shelter that you built by hand. Bring your survival packs and test out the water purification, fire starters, and freeze-dried food. Live minimally one day to see how it works and then go back to glamping in the cabin the next. Books are available in the AshKay Island library. For a modest fee, a survival expert may be hired for a day to teach survival skills.


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Our rates

Please contact us for availability

Dates Monthly
Peak Season: June 1 - August 30 $15,800
Off Season: August 31 - May 31 $13,700

Additional Information

Deposit: 50% due at the signing of the rental agreement

Tax Rate: 6%

Non-refundable pet fee: $150 (per pet — when applicable)

Check-in time: 4pm; Check-out time: 11am

Peak season: Check-in and Check-out occur on Saturday


Check back regularly for updates from AshKay Island

Canoes and Kayaks

Canoes and Kayaks

Canoes and Kayaks are available for your use.

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AshKay Island Fishing Boat

Fishing Boat

The fishing boat has a 9.9 HP 4 Stroke Mercury Outboard motor. The fuel tank is 1.5 gallons and will last several days. An electric motor serves as a trolling motor for moving the boat small distances.

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What to Bring?

In addition to clothes, what else should you bring to your stay on AshKay Island?

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Local Establishments

We have compiled a list of the closest and most convenient grocery stores, sporting goods store, local attractions, and restaurants.

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