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2015August 8

AshKay Island Fishing Boat

Fishing Boat

The fishing boat has a 9.9 HP 4 Stroke Mercury Outboard motor. The fuel tank is 1.5 gallons and will last several days. An electric motor serves as a trolling motor for moving the boat small distances.

Ensure everyone on board understands the Michigan boater laws and life jackets are on board for all occupants. The fire extinguisher is on board and should be in holder.

To start the boat, prime the engine by squeezing the primer ball near the engine.

Push the start button to start the motor; the shift lever must be in neutral. The choke may be needed for first start of the day. The motor will start but the prop will not be turning. Shift the boat into forward or reverse as required with the tiller. The trim/tilt of the motor can only be adjusted manually. BOATS DO NOT HAVE BRAKES - adjust speed accordingly and do not depend on reverse thrust. You must plan ahead. When approaching the dock please make slow deliberate inputs. 

Everyone on board should remain seated while the boat is in motion. Do not operate the boat with any door open. Do not operate the boat when anyone is in the vicinity of it and in the water. The prop will cause severe injury or death if operated while swimmers are present.


Do not operate the gas motor in shallow water where the prop hits the ground. Only dock the boat at the easement or at the dock on the island. Do not pull the boat onto the shore, as the motor will hit ground.

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