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2016October 14

About the Cabin

The cabin project was started in August, 2013 after we purchased the island and surrounding 64 acres. The land surrounding the cabin was cleared to install the septic system and allow enough sunlight for the solar panels that power the cabin. In April 2014 we broke ground on the cabin. The cabin is supported by 38 posts that sit on cement footings in the sand. The post and beam construction utilizes Douglas fir from Utah. The siding is board and baton rough cut cedar. The roof is standing seam steel. All materials used to build the cabin and all equipment needed to be transported by barge to the island. The barge was purchased from an owner located in Georgian Bay, Canada and was outfitted with an outboard motor.



The cabin was designed by a local architect for the exclusive purpose of being a unique family vacation rental. The cabin layout was designed for up to two families. It was purposely built slightly small to bring families closer together. Our expectation was to create a cabin that felt like a up north getaway without the long drive.

The cabin is designed to be very Eco-Friendly.

The well is a driven point well that is 30 feet deep. The well provides clean, clear water at 10 gallons per minute. The electricity to power the well and entire cabin is created through the solar panel system. The solar system has a propane backup generator.

The cabin has a standard septic system for the two bathrooms in the cabin.

A stackable washer and dryer are available.

The cabin is heated by a very efficient wood stove. The backup system is a Mitsubishi Electric Ductless Heat Pump that can heat or cool the cabin to desired temperatures. The cabin has above average insulation, and is built tight. It takes very little energy to heat and cool the space.

The cabin has a modern standard kitchen with refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, and microwave, and coffee pot. The Master bedroom on the main level is adjacent to the family room. Ample closet space is available for clothing, shoes, and articles brought onto the island.

Hot water is provided by a standard propane water heater, water softer ensures excellent water quality. The bathrooms have a walk-in shower, toilet and vanity sink.

The spiral staircase leads to the cabin loft.The loft area sleeping quarters have bunk bed sleeping comfortable for adults or children.

The cabin was designed to take advantage of the excellent scenery. The windows are casement style and open either awning style left or right. The two porches and the back deck are inviting to sit and relax or watch the kids play on the beach.

Amenities include satellite TV, limited internet, Blue Ray player, and stereo.

The cabin was built for comfort. The Amish made furniture, oversize mattresses, and high thread count sheets ensure a great night’s sleep. Good weather means most time will be spent outside the cabin, in the event of a rain day the cabin becomes a refuge until the sun returns.

Electrical power for the cabin comes from the solar panels on the southern facing roof of the cabin. The panels feed back into the grid.

Busy days mean hungry guests and the North facing deck houses the Propane grill. The propane is supplied by 20 lb. tanks. The kitchen has several unique utensils from Pampered Chef.

The cabin is thoroughly cleaned after each rental with Norwex cleaning products that are environmentally friendly and allergy free.


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